FlexProtec - Flexível, mas não com as bactérias


FlexProtec - Flexible, but not with bacteria

The FlexProtec range uses silver ion nanotechnology as an additive to protect your product. 

  •      Less proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  •        Protection against cross-contamination by microorganisms.
  •        Improved product quality
  •        Market differentiation and marketing appeal.

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Flexibility and protection

Plastics are versatile and easy to clean, but that doesn't mean they're less susceptible to colonization by microorganisms, which can pose hygiene problems, contamination risk and a negative impact on a product's functional shelf life.


FlexProtec is Polo Films' answer to this need, an antimicrobial plastic film designed to reduce the presence of these

undesirable microorganisms. In addition to being efficient in the elimination of agents that cause diseases, packages made with FlexProtec help to provide longevity for more sensitive products, increasing their shelf life.


FlexProtec is the ideal solution to be used in the production of food packaging, chocolates, stuffed cakes, breads, fruits, vegetables, hygiene and cleaning products, among others.

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Antimicrobial safety

The FlexProtec line uses silver ion nanotechnology as an additive to efficiently eliminate a wide range of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses (including Sars-CoV-2, which causes Covid-19). Silver ions – which do not interact with the product or the environment – enter microorganisms through cell membranes causing irreversible damage to their structure by deactivating vital molecules.


In addition, silver interacts with their DNA, preventing them from replicating and forming colonies. Nanotechnology acts on this microbial control in the initial phases of its growth curve on the surfaces of packages, thus contributing to increase the shelf life of products packaged with FlexProtec.


On the face of the film in contact with the food, the antimicrobial action of FlexProtec does not interfere with the composition and characteristics of the product. On the opposite side exposed to the external environment, the anti-covid protection, attested in a UNESP report, prevents cross-contamination, providing more security for the consumer.

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The plastic wrap that is the face of the new normal

The pandemic has further increased the demand for products that offer protection against disease-causing agents. Changing habits and the inclusion of routine cleaning and disinfection processes have led to an increase in the search for safe, effective and practical solutions for everyday life.


With this in mind, Polo Films found in nanotechnology the ideal solution for the development of a plastic film with antimicrobial properties. The result is the FlexProtec line, which incorporates functional safety properties, and adds value and quality to products, thus promoting consumer well-being and health.

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The line of plastic films that uses

nanotechnology to protect your product.